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Die Regeln !!!!

Rules at The Native Cooking Award

The Native Cooking Award was first launched at Knuthenlund in 2012. The purpose of the competition is to put focus on local quality food and the large possibilities in the wild nature in relation to cooking. Furthermore, the purpose is to put focus on artisan ways of cooking and producing food. In 2012 the competition included Denmark, Germany and Austria. However, it is our goal to have at least 10 countries represented in the future.

Who is Knuthenlund
The estate Knuthenlund was founded in 1729 by the county Knuthenborg. In 1913 the estate was sold to the dairyman J. P. Herman Hansen who in 1903 was awarded for his cheeses and therefore was able to buy Knuthenlund. Also the father of J. P. Herman Hansen was a dairyman just as his son started as chariman of the local co-operative dairy in Stokkemarke and later founded a new cooperative dairy The Dairy Lolland. In 2006 the estate was taken over by 4th generation of the family, Susanne Hovmand-Simonsen, who converted the estate into organic production. Knuthenlund is today one of the largest organic producers in Denmark with a large production of grain and meat. Furthermore, in 2009 Susanne and her husband Jesper Hovmand-Simonsen, who is also a dairyman, reopened the dairy at Knuthenlund, where a new production of artisan dairy products was launched. The cheeses of Knuthenlund have won several national and international prizes amongst them World Cheese Award in Birmingham and Premio Roma in Rome. The goal of Knuthenlund is to produce organic produce of highest possible quality. All products are based on and inspired by the local terroirs of Lolland. Knuthenlund has had a cultural Sociologist to make a report about the wild berries and herbs found on the estate and what they have been used for in the past. All herbs and berries are registered with gps-co-ordinates on a map and are now the starting point of all product development of Knuthenlund.

What is Native Cooking Award?
Native Cooking Award is a cooking competition where chefs from different countries cook compete in the artisan way of cooking. Available is only local high quality food and what can be found in wild nature.

The competition will take place at Knuthenlund estate every year in connection with the yearly organic harvesting market the first weekend of September. In 2013 the competition will take place on the 31st of August and 1st of September.

Participants at The Native Cooking Award
At the competition there will be one team from each country. Each team has a teamleader. The teamleader is appointed by the Jury member representing the country. The teamleader is setting his own team. Each team consists of 4 members.

What to do
All teams should make a three course menu, which should be presented to the Jury. The team must prepare 10 plates of each course, 8 plates for the Jury member, 1 for the President of the Jury, 1 for the honorary member, 1 plate for photo and 1 plate for the public to look at.

What to use
All ingredients are to be found in nature at the estate of Knuthenlund or will be available from local producers at the beginning of the competition. Products from the local producers which can be used in the competition must be listed beforehand by the producers and must be given in to a product table the day before the competition. Products that are not listed and not given in the day before the competition cannot be used in the competition. Competitors are therefore not allowed to go and get other ingredients from the local producers after the start of the competition.
The day before the competition all teams will get an introduction to the wild berries and herbs found on Knuthenlund and they will get a map showing the areas of Knuthenlund. All wild ingredients from the nature of Knuthenlund is allowed. The teams are not allowed to pick ingredients from areas which does not belong to Knuthenlund. All teams will therefore get a map of all allowed areas. All participants will have a bicycle available which can be used to get around in the Knuthenlund territory and basket with scissors, and a small shovel.
The only spice available a part from wild berries and herbs is salt which will be available on the product table.

What to bring
Competitors are only allowed to bring their own knives at the competition. All other remedies allowed will be supplied by Knuthenlund. No electric remedies are allowed at the competition.

Back to Basic
As the base of the competition is to refind artisan ways of producing and cooking all cooking will take place outdoor in outdoor kitchens. Only a grill and a bonfire will be available. Water will be available in the sink in the kitchen. Furthermore basic remedies such as pots and pans, bowls ect. will be available. No electric remedies are allowed.

Timetable of the competition
The competition goes from 31st of August to 1st of September. All participants must arrive Saturday to the introduction to the rules of the competition and the areas around Knuthenlund. On the 31st of August there will also be a draw to decide the order, where the different teams should be send off on bike at the competition.

The competition itself takes place on the 1st of September. All teams will have 4 hours to prepare a starter, 5 hours for the main course and 6 hours for the dessert.

The plate must be presented at the scheduled time. If the course is more than 3 minutes late points will be subtracted in the score of the team.

The timetable is as follows:

31st of August
12.00 PM Arrival of chefs and international jury members at Copenhagen Airport and pick up
14.00 PM Arrival at Knuthenlund, Lunch, Welcome, Introduction to programme, and description of rules and presentation of Jury members and participants
15.00 PM Guided tour  at Knuthenlund
16.00 PM Guided tour in forest and meadows and introduction to map with herbs
17.00 PM Return at Knuthenlund
17.15 PM Draw
17.30 PM Dinner at Knuthenlund
21.00 PM Arrival at Hotel

1st of September
08.00 AM Departure Hotel to Knuthenlund
08.30 AM Breakfast at Knuthenlund for all participants and Jury Members
09.00 AM First team is send off on bikes
09.10 AM Second team is send off on bikes
09.20 AM Third team is send off on bikes
09.30 AM Fourth team is send off on bikes
09.40 AM Fifth team is send off on bikes
10.50 AM Sixth team is send off on bikes
12.00 PM First team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
12.10 PM Second team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
12.20 PM Third team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
12.30 PM Fourth team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
12.40 PM Fifth team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
12.50 PM Sixth team´s presentation of menu to public and jury members
13.00 PM First team serves their starter
13.10 PM Second team serves their starter
13.20 PM Third team serves their starter
13.30 PM Fourth team serves their starter
13.40 PM Fifth team serves their starter
13.50 PM Sixth team serves their starter
14.00 PM First team serves their Main Course
14.10 PM Second team serves their Main Course
14.20 PM Third team serves their Main Course
14.30 PM Fourth team serves their Main Course
14.40 PM Fifth team serves their Main Course
14.50 PM Sixth team serves their Main Course
15.00 PM First team serves their dessert
15.10 PM Second team serves their dessert
15.20 PM Third team serves their dessert
15.30 PM Fourth team serves their dessert
15.40 PM Fifth team serves their dessert
15.50 PM Sixth team serves their dessert
16.00 PM Votation of the Jury Members
17.00 PM Winner is presented by the jury members and diploma and awards are handed to winners
18.30 PM departure to Airport

Jury Members
The Jury consists of a Jury member from each of the participating countries. The Jury members will be scoring the participating teams.

A President of the Jury will lead the competition and make sure that the rules of competition are performed. President of the Jury is Jakob de Neergaard. Furthermore, the jury has a honorary member, which is Cathrine Fogel. In case 2 teams score equal amount of points, the points of the President and the honorary member of the Jury will be included in the scoring.

President of Jury: Jakob de Neergaard
Jakob is educated at Hotel Marina has worked several years in Bruxelles and Paris as chef at eg. restaurant Bruneau in Bruxelles and restaurant Taillevent and Hotel Ritz in Paris and as excutive chef at the Danish Embassy in Paris.

In Denmark he has been executive chef at Restaurant Jacobsen in Copenhagen and the last 9 years he has served as executive chef at Søllerød Kro (1 Michelin star). Jacob de Neergaard also serve as jury member at Bocuse D´or.

Honorary member of the Jury: Cathrine Fogel
Is born on the Canarie Islands and speaks 8 languages fluently. She is member of the international cheese guild Guilde des Fromagers. I 2008 she was appointed Maître Fromager, which is the greatest honors in the guild, and in 2011 she was awarded the honorary title Ambassadeur due to her great knowledge about cheese. Cathrine Fogel is also international expert in Olive Oil with diploma as an arbiter of taste from ONAOO. Cathrine Fogel is Jury member at several international cooking and product competitions every year.

Each course is judged by appearance, taste and regionality and creativity. Furthermore the composition of the 3 course menu is judged. The points are given as follows:

Appearance: 0-10 points
Taste: 0-20 points
Regional and creative: 0-10 points

Composition: 0-20 points

The winning team will be awarded with a prize of DKK 40,000 or 5,370 euro. Second Prize is awarded with DKK 20,000 or 2,685 euro and third prize is awarded with DKK 10,000 or 1,340 euro.

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Programm und Infos zum KNCA 2013

Internationale Michelin Köche zu Gast auf Gut Knuthenlund in Dänemark beim offiziellen Koch Wettbewerb -
The Native Cooking Award 2013

Am 31. August und  1. September  werden  internationale erfahrene  Michelin Köche  aus  Belgien, Dänemark, Deutschland, Frankreich und  Norwegen wieder unter dem Motto“ Vom Boden zur Kochkunst „
gegeneinander antreten.
Sie haben nur die natürlich wachsenden Rohstoffe wie wilde Beeren,  -Gemüse und  -Kräuter zur Verfügung sowie unsere regionalen Produkte von Lolland. Nicht zu vergessen offenes Feuer und eine Outdoor Küche, keine technischen Hilfsmittel außer ihren Messern. Es gilt ein 3 gängiges Menü zu erstellen dass von einer internationalen Jury bewertet wird unter dem Vorsitz  von Jakob de Neergard.

Vielleicht waren sie ja schon letztes Jahr mit dabei als unsere Gäste auf Gut Knuthenlund, als wir das erste Mal diesen Wettbewerb ausgerichtet haben. Damals waren es Teams aus Österreich, Deutschland und Dänemark die gegeneinander angetreten sind.
Und Österreich wurde der Sieger, nicht ganz unverdient!
Dieses Jahr haben wir mehr Teams und es wird bestimmt noch spannender für uns alle werden.

Der Wettbewerb, „The Native Cooking Award“, bei dem die Teams aus den verschiedenen Ländern ihre Kochkünste präsentieren mit den regionalen und saisonalen Produkten von Lolland ist sehr ambitioniert.   Jedes Team besteht aus 4 Köchen die mindestens Erfahrung als Souchef oder Küchenchef in einem Guide Michelin ausgezeichneten Sterne Restaurant haben müssen, oder eine vergleichbare Qualifikation haben.
Wir auf Knuthenlund haben GPS Daten von allen wichtigen Standorten von wilden Beeren, Kräutern und Pflanzen.
Jedem Team werden diese Daten am Beginn des Wettbewerbs zur Verfügung gestellt und dann müssen die Teams mit Fahrrädern ihre Zutaten sammeln gehen. Da wir alle Landschaftsformen auf Gut Knuthenlund zur Verfügung haben (Strand, Wald und Wiesen), geht es auch noch sehr sportlich zu.

Alle Teams erhalten noch Fleisch von Gut Knuthenlund (Lamm, Schwein oder Ziege) die Entscheidung welche Sorte,  fällt der Oberjuror dann am Samstag.
Unsere Molkereiprodukte stehen ebenfalls zur Verfügung sowie die Produkte von lokalen Ausstellern die zu dieser Veranstaltung von uns eingeladen wurden.
Jetzt kann gekocht und kreiert werden und die Juroren werden dann die jeweiligen 3 Gänge Menüs bewerten.

Das Programm ist wie folgt geplant:

Veranstaltung am 31. August und 1. September 2013 auf Gut Knuthenlund Lolland

Der Wettbewerb, “ The Native Cooking Award 2013” findet am
 1. September 2013 auf Gut Knuthenlund statt im Rahmen des Bio- und Erntedank-Marktes.
Außer dem Kochwettbewerb gibt es noch folgende Veranstaltungen:

Native Cooking Symposium: hier wollen wir mit Forschern und Interessierten über die zukünftigen Foodtrends sprechen z. B. Jan Kragh-Jacobsen 31. August 11 bis 17 Uhr

Native Food Fair: Lokale Produzenten zeigen ihre Produkte und sprechen darüber mit Ihnen. 31. August und 1. September von 11 Uhr bis 17 Uhr
Native Cooking Master Class: Besucher und Interessierte können selbst versuchen eine Mahlzeit mit den wilden Beeren, Kräutern und Pflanzen am offenen Feuer zu kochen, natürlich unter fachkundiger Anleitung. 31. August und 1. September 2013

Zeitplan für die Köche
Die Köche reisen am Samstag den 31. 08.2013 im Laufe des Tages an spätestens bis 16 Uhr. Dann erhalten sie eine Einführung über die Produkte, Produzenten und Gut Knuthenlund.
 Der Programmablauf ist wie folgt geplant:

09.00 Uhr  
Das erste Team wird mit seinen Fahrrädern losgeschickt. Die anderen Teams werden in 10 Minuten Intervallen hinter her geschickt.
12.00 Uhr              
Die Teams präsentieren ihre Menüs  was wird es geben) für die Jury und die Besucher im 10 Minuten Takt.
13.00 Uhr

                                                                          Die Teams präsentieren ihre Vorspeisen im 10 Minuten Takt
14.00 Uhr

Der Hauptgang wir präsentiert,  10 Minuten Takt

15.00 Uhr
Das Dessert wird präsentiert, 10 Minuten Takt
 16.00 Uhr          
                              Die Richter werten aus

17.00 Uhr               

 Die Siegerehrung !

Weitere Infos.
Kontakt: Bernd Sautter-Gädeke ;  bernd @knuthenlund.dk  Tel.: 0431 209 28  60 oder 0179 54 55 169